MS1. Critical points in turbulent flows
Organiser: Christos Vassilicos

MS2. Characterizing the spatial-temporal dynamics of the epileptic process by altered levels of neuronal synchronization
Organisers: Ralph Gregor Andrzejak and Klaus Lehnertz

MS3. Branching processes
Organiser: Peter Jagers

MS4. Delay differential equations in modeling biological phenomena
Organisers: Monika J. Piotrowska and Marek Bodnar

MS5. Random walks and stochastic thermodynamics
Organisers: Mats Wallin and Ralf Eichhorn

MS6. Chimera states
Organisers: Eckehard Schöll and Yuri Maistrenko

MS7. Fluid turbulence with polymer additives
Organiser: Rahul Pandit

MS8. Evolutionary dynamics
Organiser: Joachim Krug

MS9. Analysis of systems with imprecise low-dimensional information
Organisers: Christian Marschler and Jens Starke

MS10. Dynamics of coupled cell systems inspired by real-world networks
Organisers: Manuela A.D. Aguiar and Ana P.S. Dias

MS11. Coherent structures and spatial patterns in transitional turbulence
Organiser: Tobias Schneider

MS12. Particles and droplets in turbulence
Organiser: Jean-Regis Angilella

MS13. Understanding dynamics of real networks using mathematics
Organisers: Manuela A.D. Aguiar and Ana P.S. Dias

MS14. Modelling of stochastic dynamical systems: recent advances in theory and applications
Organiser: David Kleinhans

MS15. Dynamical models of anomalous diffusion
Organiser: Alexander Nepomnyashchy

MS16. Slow relaxation in complex systems
Organiser: Lennart Sjögren

MS17. Emergent dynamics of driven colloids
Organiser: Alexey Snezhko

MS18. Data-driven characterisation of directional interactions between dynamical systems
Organisers: Klaus Lehnertz and Ralph Gregor Andrzejak

MS19. Dynamics in turbulence
Organiser: Michael Wilkinson

MS20. Turbulence and planet formation
Organiser: Anders Johansen

MS21. Localized multi-dimensional states
Organisers: Reinhard Richter and David Lloyd

MS22. Nonlinear cooperative phenomena inside the cell
Organisers: Michael Stich and Sergio Alonso


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